5.1 Summary of findings

Type of Set Up
Average of Percentage composition of Carbon dioxide in the bottle in the beginning of the experiment
Average Percentage composition of Carbon dioxide in the bottle in the end of the experiment
With Clotrimazole
With Miconazole
With Terbinafine

5.2 Practical Applications

Anti fungals are very important.They help to cure fungal and yeast infections.In our experiment we focused on stopping the growth of yeast infections.Thus, the results that we collected would help people with yeast infections a lot.

Our experiment was conducted to help the people living in poor countries where they do't have proper living conditions and as such get yeast or fungal infections.(Mchekedona, J.,2015 March)In poor countries such as Tanzania as explained the residents do not receive proper medical treatments and also do not have enough money to pay for proper medical fees.And even though volunteers do go over to such countries to help the people living in such countries ,there are just too many people living in such poor countries who have fungal or yeast problem.(Mchekedona, J.,2015 March)

Thus by doing this experiment we aimed to find out which is the most effective anti fungal to cure yeast infections so that people who are suffering from yeast infections from poor countries wouldn't have to buy, many other anti fungals before finding the best solution.

From our results we have received we conclude that Clotrimazole is the best antifungal to cure the yeast infections.And we are not wrong and neither are we the only ones who concluded that Clotrimazole is the most effective azole antifungal to cure fungal or yeast infections.(Medical Reference from Healthwise 2014)

Also since some people in poor countries do not have access to medical treatments, it would mean that by completing our experiment we are raising awareness to these people which is the most effective antifungal so that they would not need to spend so much given he fact that they do not have enough money with themselves already.And also so that they would have money for other purposes.(Mchekedona, J.,2015 March)

5.3 Areas for further study
Our experiment was focused mainly on treating yeast infections.And via research yeast infection which is a type of fungal infection is not the only type of fungal infection that is on the rise.Therefore what we could have done was that we could have researched which fungal infection is increasing the most in poor countries so that we could benefit the poor even more.

Yeast infections are not only common on the skin but also come in the form as vaginal infection for women.And at least 3 out 4 women get vaginal infection due to yeast.And as such this infection is considered as very common.Yet still the infections if left untreated can lead to serious problems such as symptomatic yeast infection(Media E.,March 2015)Therefore,by completing our research we are actually helping to raise awareness to people not to leave their fungal infections to grow and become worse but to treat it such that it would not become worse.By doing this we would be able to reduce the number of people getting symptomatic yeast infection.Hence this research did only teach us which antifungal is most effective at curing yeast infections but it also taught us the importance of why we should cure it and why we have to raise awareness to people so that they would treat themselves or help other treat themselves from such yeast infections.

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