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An investigation on which anti fungal is best at stopping the growth of fungal

Type of Project:

Measure a function or relationship: Experimental research (II)


The question of this experiment is which anti fungal is the most effective to stop fungus growth. This allow us to find out whether azalea or allyamine anti fungal is better at stopping fungus as well as which azole is better than the other azole anti fungal. We add a certain amount of anti fungal to each set of fungus and measure the carbon dioxide produced after adding the anti fungals. We are trying this experiment with 2% Miconazole, 1% Terbinafine and 1% Clotrimazole.  Miconazole and Clotrimazole belong to the azole family while Terbinafine belong to allyamine family. We add 2g of yeast and 2g of sugar to 100ml of water. Dissolve  Then add 1g of 2% Miconazole to one 50ml set, 2g of 1% Terbinafine to another set and 2g of 1% Clotrimazole to the final set. We will repeat the experiment twice and will take the average results.Through this, we will find the most effective anti fungal and will find out if azole is better or allyamine is better.

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